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Jill Bertelsen
Jill is the founder of both Crib Coaching and Bertelsen Education. Her first son Ross, was a horrible sleeper. After many sleepless nights or Ross waking up every 45 minutes, Jill decided she needed to seek out a sleep coach.
After becoming a client of Kim West's Gentle Sleep program, she decided to become a certified sleep coach so other parents wouldn't have to struggle as she did. She started mentoring parents who were experiencing similar troubles after having their baby.
Jill is pursuing a Master's of Education in Adult Leadership from Kansas State University and is currently a certified sleep coach and potty training consultant. Reach out to her for sleep consultations and potty training consultations.
Katie Holloran
Founder, The Behaviorist Next door
Katie has worked with many children since starting her career as a classroom teacher in 2000. She has run her own business supporting families as a teacher, special education teacher, behavior specialist and sleep coach since 2005. Katie’s passion is helping families and education professionals understand the foundations of supportive and positive behaviors, and then learning how to apply that understanding to their own specific environments. Katie lives in Washington, DC with her husband, two children and dog. She and her family love traveling, baseball, playing cards, swimming, and laughing together.
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Chad Olsen
Hey parents! I have a degree in Marriage & Family Studies from Brigham Young University - Idaho and I am passionate about helping families have stronger bonds, more unity, and happier moments. In school I learned that one of the main reasons families struggle (whether that’s couples getting divorced or individuals having increased mental illness) is due to financial hardships. I believe that most people would love to avoid these problems, but unfortunately most haven’t been taught how to make sure it’s the servant and not the master.

After school, I became a licensed financial educator, and I've made it my personal mission to help families learn how personal finances work (everything from short/long term savings, debt solutions, proper emergency funds and protection, tax mitigation, investments, retirement, wills / trusts, and everything that goes into building and preserving wealth), so that families have the ability to make sound financial decisions at all times and pass on that knowledge to their kids.

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Jennifer Flippo
Dr. Flippo is a pediatric nurse practitioner with over two decades of experience caring for children and promoting their physical and emotional wellness. Her areas of expertise include mental health management, social justice policy, and parenting support.
She is the founder of Child Health Strategies LLC where she is focused on "Providing professional healthcare solutions and advocacy across the Dallas/Fort Worth area to early childhood centers, community organizations, and public/charter/private schools."
Dr. Flippo is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
Lisa Jordan
The Midwest Mama
Lisa Jordan is a mother, wife, Master’s Certified Life Coach, and founder of the Midwest Mama.
The idea for the Midwest Mama was born during Lisa’s own motherhood transformation. As an overwhelmed and lost single-mom, Lisa began the work to heal her past, reframe her mindset, and rediscover her purpose in addition to being a mom. With this newfound outlook on life and motherhood, Lisa knew she had found her purpose and began teaching other moms how to find balance and purpose in their motherhood journey as well.
Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, so Lisa’s goal is to help you create yours! By utilizing her three pillar coaching system, she will help you create the customized systems and strategies you need to thrive in motherhood. Lisa offers these services through weekly one-on-one coaching sessions and supplemental voice messenger access because she understands that it truly takes a village!
Lorraina Jacobsen
Lorraina earned a Bachelor's Degree in University Studies minoring in Marriage and Family Studies. For over 18 months, Lorraina dedicated more than 40 hours each week to preparing lessons and teaching people of all ages. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her family where she enjoys hiking, camping, reading and yoga.
Since beginning college classes as a junior in high school, she has developed a love of learning and sharing knowledge.
Ty and Brittany Weber
Hi, we're Ty and Brittany Weber. Brittany is a registered nurse with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. She's worked as a nurse in Critical Care for six years. Ty is also a nurse and has worked for 7 years, most recently in Primary Care. We have 3 children, two boys and a girl. We're passionate about helping people stay healthy and we're excited to teach you.
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