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Managing Parental Burnout

In this course you will learn to identify the top signs of parental burnout and effective strategies you can implement to navigate them in a healthy way.
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Meet the instructor

Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan is a mother, wife, Master’s Certified Life Coach, and founder of the Midwest Mama.
The idea for the Midwest Mama was born during Lisa’s own motherhood transformation. As an overwhelmed and lost single-mom, Lisa began the work to heal her past, reframe her mindset, and rediscover her purpose in addition to being a mom. With this newfound outlook on life and motherhood, Lisa knew she had found her purpose and began teaching other moms how to find balance and purpose in their motherhood journey as well.

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, so Lisa’s goal is to help you create yours! By utilizing her three pillar coaching system, she will help you create the customized systems and strategies you need to thrive in motherhood. Lisa offers these services through weekly one-on-one coaching sessions and supplemental voice messenger access because she understands that it truly takes a village!
Patrick Jones - Course author

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