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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a "course" and a "journey"?

Journeys are a bite-sized form of learning. These journeys usually take a total of 15-30 minutes. Journeys are a high-level perspective of learning, designed to introduce you to the subject.

Courses are a more traditional form of learning. Courses are longer, between 30 minutes to one hour, and explore topics more in depth. Our courses are taught by a variety of parenting experts, so you know you're getting reliable information.

How do I navigate to the next learning activity inside a Journey learning module?

To go from one activity to the next, simply click the grey arrows at the top of the screen. (see image)

You can also click the hamburger (3 stacked lines) icon to see the course overview, and choose which activity you want to go to. Keep in mind, you have to complete all the learning activities in order at least once.

Do I have to pay for Journeys?

Nope, journeys are free! If you are on an iPhone or iPad, you'll be directed to the App Store to "purchase" a journey for $0 in order to begin the journey, but rest assured you won't be charged.

If you like the journeys and are looking for more, check out our membership options!

How do I make my journey module video larger?

First, you will need to rotate your phone horizontally, and then a new set of navigation buttons appears that allow you to maximize the video screen.

Why can't I view the FULL title of my Journey modules in the "Course Contents" index?

Many phones display content using customized graphics settings. If your device is not displaying full section titles in the "Course Contents" index, select the partially visible title you wish to explore, and you will be able to view the full length title and description on the next screen.

If I have to go in the middle of today's Journey module, will my partial progress be saved for when I come back later?

Yes! Journeys and courses are do-at-your-own-pace, so you're free to come and go. Do a little here and a little there. We know parents are busy, so we designed our material to be flexible.

Can I come back to a journey I've finished if I want to view the content again later?

Yes! Once you finish a journey, you can revisit it by going to the My Courses tab, and then to the bottom of the screen you will see Completed Courses.

The Crib Coaching app isn't letting me open one of the Journey modules I'd really like to take, what's up with that?

You'll have to proceed through the journey modules in consecutive order to unlock the step in the journey. Once a module has been unlocked, you are free to access that content.

Can I share part of the Crib Coaching journeys? There's a video here that I'd really like to send to someone.

The individual components of journeys are not sharable BUT they are free for anyone to access through the app. All are welcome, so tell your friends to sign up!

Who wrote these journey lessons? 

Our content is collected from lesson material created by certified professionals in their respective fields. The Crib Coaching team has condensed course material created by these professionals into the short format journey. For more info on our experts, explore our Meet the Experts page.

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